Work at home, secure your future and turn your down time into money.

Are you unemployed, under employed, have issues in your background or simply unhappy with your current situation?

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Many successful businesses have been started by people after a job loss. You don’t have to settle for a job that pays a fraction of what you were earning. When you consider the time, energy and effort a job search requires; starting and running your own business wouldn’t require much more effort. Even if you are currently employed or an at home parent, starting a part-time business provides peace of mind and safety net. It is predicted that half of all jobs in the United States will be eliminated.

As an employee your boss decides everything: when you wake up, how much money you earn, when to take a vacation, how long you can take for lunch, when you deserve a raise or promotion and most recently what you say online or what pictures you can post without getting in trouble. As an employee, the harder you work, the more money you earn for your employer.

home-based-business-woman-in-robeAs a business owner, you get to make all the decisions and the harder you work the more money you earn. Your schedule becomes as flexible as you want.  If you need to visit your doctor or take care of your sick child; as a business owner you won’t need to ask permission or use a sick day.

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The Home Based Business Owner’s Manual contains fifteen chapters, but maybe you’re only interested in the chapter concerning promotion, federal contracts or low cost business opportunities. Some of the individual chapters provide information so valuable that one chapter could be worth the entire purchase price of the whole book. All fifteen are now available as individual chapters starting at only 99 cents.

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Here’s how we differ. We’re so confident that you’ll find fresh, new valuable information in the Home Base Business Owner’s Manual that we’re providing a money back guarantee if you’re not happy. We won’t list a bunch of legalese, our promise is simple.

Money back guarantee

Purchase the complete version of the “Home Based Business Owner’s Manual” at full price, try if for at least 14 day and if you’re not satisfied, we will refund your purchase price – minus the transaction fees. Offer does not apply if a discount or coupon code was used. Your request must be submitted within 21 calendar days of your purchase. Simply go to the contact page, provide your name, email address, purchase date and invoice number as appearing on your purchase receipt along with a request for a refund of the Home Based Business Owners Manual.

With our satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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“The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the the man who can’t read them” – Mark Twain

The right book allows you to gain a lifetime of knowledge in a few pages. Maybe you’ve read other books that didn’t deliver on their promises. We understand – during our research, we read many of those too.

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man in booksCompiled from over four years of research, 25 years of business experience and jammed packed full of useful information and proven strategies to build a successful home based business. The best ideas, concepts, techniques, advice and secret tips from hundreds of sources have been condensed into a single book.

Discover how to:

  • Start a home based business under $100.
  • Operate with little or no money.
  • Tap into low cost global resources and talent
  • Utilize emerging trends and technology.
  • Unique ways to finance your business.
  • Promote your home business and gain new customers.
  • Convert taxable business income into tax free income.
  • How some companies pay no income tax at all.
  • Avoid common errors and costly mistakes.
  • Gain advantages over competitors.
  • Find suppliers and wholesale products.
  • Locate valuable sources of information.
  • Use the Internet to increase income and profits.
  • Much, much more!

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TimeIsMoney The Internet contains so much data, it can be difficult finding what you need. You could waste valuable time and spend countless hours searching online or read countless books and magazines and still not find all the information contained in the Home Based Business Owner’s Manual.

How much is your time worth? Do you know what to look for or where to find the answers you need to conduct your own independent search? The time you’ll save avoiding weeks or months researching by itself is worth the purchase price.

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  “I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed.” ~ Robert H. Schuller

You've always wanted to start a business