Why this book

Purchase a new car, appliance or electronic equipment and they will all come with an owner’s manual. The owner’s manual will answer questions, save time, provide step by step instructions and prevent misuse or damage. Doesn’t it make sense that a business should come with operating instructions? Starting a business is one of the most important financial decisions you will make. Every year, many dive into business ownership without a plan or clear understanding of exactly what they are getting into – often with disastrous effect.

This book was written for several reasons:

  1. While working for a transportation company located in the inner city, I saw many bright and capable people unable to advance from low paying labor positions. These guy’s were personable, friendly, hard working and consistently received high scores on satisfaction surveys and clients often sung their praises.
  2. Tragically, I witnessed men cry, because of mistakes made years ago and denied opportunity. Some were outstanding workers obtained from temporary agencies. These were people desperately trying to catch a break and better themselves. You could see and feel the heartache!
  3. I often thought to myself that given the opportunity, many of them could do my job; I wasn’t exactly performing brain surgery. I would occasionally see some of these guys, “getting their hustle on”. They might be cutting grass, hauling junk or painting someone’s house. With the proper training and information, those side jobs could have turned into businesses.
  4. After my executive level job was eliminated, I was in a vulnerable position. Those individuals mentioned above entered my thoughts. I had marketable skills, an education and wasn’t concerned about my background holding me back. Even so, my heightened sense of apprehension made me realize how truly horrible it was for those with fewer options. I began researching viable businesses that could be started for very little money.
  5. When I began researching and writing, my oldest son was in high school. He has since graduated and is in college. My youngest son is in high school. I’m writing this for both of my sons and their friends. I want them to clearly understand that being an employee isn’t their only option. My hope is to ignite an idea or prompt the enrollment in a course they otherwise may not have taken. Why not gain a marketable skill while in school?
  6. During my research, I was amazed at how many books were full of fluff, provided outdated or little useful information. My original concept to write a simple report about low cost businesses mushroomed into a book. I even managed to re-energize my own creative juices in the process.

The Home Based Business Owner’s Manual helps you determine whether business ownership is right for you and provides guidance and information you need to successfully start and operate your business. This book is directed primarily to the first time businesses owner – but even seasoned business owners will find valuable tips and advice. You will gain insights that normally take years to develop and avoid all the trial and error mistakes many new business owners make.

Before starting your business, read the entire book through chapter twelve. Read just ten pages per day and you’ll be finished in about two weeks. The first three chapters provide the necessary background and foundational information you need to properly setup and start your business.

Customers are the heart of any business. Chapters four through twelve discuss ways to get and keep customers, operate and grow your company. Discover low cost methods to promote and advertise your business and learn how to make your marketing more effective and what you need to build a web site and increase the likely hood potential customers find you.


Randall Hill

You've always wanted to start a business