Individual Chapters

The Home Based Business Owner’s Manual contains a wealth of exceptional advice and difficult to find resources and secrets; and is being made available in a fifteen part series by chapter. The entire book includes 15 chapters, however, some readers may only be interested in certain topics or chapters as listed below.

Getting Started Front CoverPart 1 – (Chapter 1) Getting Started: Discover if business ownership is right for you. Discusses the pros and the cons of business ownership, methods to finance your new business, selecting a business name, record keeping and accounting. Building a successful business requires effort. You can work smarter and be more efficient, productive and creative; but you’ll still need to work hard to achieve success. This information isn’t for those looking to get rich quick; you may become rich, but most likely not quickly.

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thin separator lineBusiness Structure Front CoverPart 2 – (Chapter 2) Discusses forms of business ownership, registering your business, applying for licenses and permits and provide links to Federal and State resources. Reveal strategies used by companies to legally reduce the amount of income tax they pay. Even if you currently own a non home based business, that doesn’t prevent you or your spouse from starting another business at home and gaining the home office tax deduction; which over 4 million Americans claimed and was on average more than $2,600, according to the Tax Institute.

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Business Planning Front CoverPart 3 – (Chapter 3) Business Planning: Learn how to prepare a business plan and each of the essential components. Gain access to dozens of free business plans and thousands of free business forms. Accept credit cards with no monthly fees, even with bad credit, no credit check.

thin separator line Getting Customers Front CoverPart 4 – (Chapter 4) Getting Customers: You’re not in business unless you have customers. This has always been the major challenge facing businesses. Explains various methods to reach and attract customers and detailed advice on selling them.

thin separator line Pricing Front CoverPart 5 – (Chapter 5) Pricing: What’s your life changing amount of money? Would making $10,000 per month do it? Let’s say you sell a product that earns a $1 profit – sell 10,000 per month and you’ve achieved your life changing amount. If your product earns a $20 profit only 500 per month  need to be sold. Discover multiple pricing methods and learn how to more effectively price your products and services.

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Promotion Front CoverPart 6 – (Chapter 6) Promotion: Discover how to effectively promote your product or service using only your time and energy. Provides hundreds of free and low cost promotional ideas and where you can advertise  your business for free. You’ll discover information that even seasoned entrepreneurs and business owners don’t know

thin separator lineAdvertising Front CoverPart 7 – (Chapter 7) Advertising: Discusses a variety of traditional and online advertising options. Provides valuable tips and advice how to write ads and obtain free publicity.


thin separator lineMarketing Front CoverPart 8 – (Chapter8) Marketing: Explains what you need to conduct effective market research to discover what your customers need and want. Discover how to find free sources of marketing information and interpret market reports and data. Learn how to write a marketing plan, develop and brand your business to take advantage of emerging trends.

thin separator lineOnline Marketing Front CoverPart 9 – (Chapter 9) Online Marketing: Each and every one of the seven billion people on the planet need and want things – information, services, products, entertainment, food, thrills, fun, memories and the list could go on and on. The fact that over two billion people are connected online creates opportunities previously unimaginable just a few years ago. Discusses search engine optimization, advantages and potential problems with email marketing, tips for creating online content, ecommerce, and various methods of website marketing.

thin separator lineWebsites Front CoverPart 10 – (Chapter 10) Websites: Imagine your web site has just gone live and you gain one customer the first day. If that customer referred two others and they each referred two and that pattern continued for an entire month; you’d have 536,870,912 customers by the end of that month. Although, that number is extreme and unrealistic, it demonstrates the potential power of the Internet and how some things go viral. Provides resources, tips and advice for creating your own website and more detailed ecommerce and online payment information and resources.

thin separator lineCompetition Front CoverPart 11 – (Chapter 11) Competition: Explains what you need to know about your competitors and how to use information about competitors to enhance your business.


thin separator lineSuppliers Front CoverPart 12 – (Chapter 12) Suppliers: How to locate and choose the right suppliers for your business. Locate quality low cost suppliers from around the world including wholesalers, manufacturers. Discover talented professionals as service providers from the world’s emerging economies including: India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico and China.

thin separator lineFederal Contracts Front CoverPart 13 – (Chapter 13) Federal Contracts: Small businesses were awarded almost $100 billion in contracts in 2010. Discover how to register your business, helpful information, tips and advice about bidding for contracts with the Federal Government.

thin separator lineFactoring Front CoverPart 14 – (Chapter 14) Factoring: Discussing factoring and invoice discounting as an additional means of financing business operations.


thin separator lineLow Cost Businesses Front CoverPart 15 – (Chapter 15) Low Cost Business Ideas: If you don’t already own a business, you need to start one now. Job security is vanishing, there’s never been a better time to consider turning your hobby, skills or talents into opportunity. You’ll gain additional income and tax benefits and your new found business will become your safety net. Reveals 140 businesses that can be started with little money. Many of the businesses opportunities didn’t exist a few years ago.

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